Sunday, June 26, 2005

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Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge over the Avon Gorge Posted by Hello


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Danny Boy

Haven't seen my friend Dan in ages...he's a busy guy! Doing his Phd on human error and aviation (or something like that!), designing t-shirts and fixing washing machines. But as he very rarely gets to spend much time in London, I thought I'd hot foot it over to Bristol to see him and see what life is like in that part of the west country (yes, Candice, back to my roots!).

A lovely weekend catching up with an old friend, seeing new places (views around the suspension bridge and the gorge are beautiful). We spent the first day doing the sights of Bristol including seeing the view from that magic looking glass type thingy that I can't remember the name of (Dan, help...), meeting his lovely girlfriend, Helen, and their mates - Julian, Ed, Richard, Suz, Kin and Lou. Later on we ate by the river and then moved on to one of the bars in town for more drinks and a few shots before deciding to go to the cheesy disco and goddamn, it was cheesy! A-ha, Queen and Bryan Adams - I can proudly say we danced our hearts out to all of them and even had a go of pole dancing (blame it on the tequila!)

Schwarz burgers and the Ground Force theme tune

On the Sunday, Dan took me to Bath for more sightseeing. We walked around the old streets and admired the old buildings, visited the Jane Austen shop and ended up chilling out on the green eating our shwarz burgers listening to a brass band play greats such as the Ground Force theme tune and The Wind Beneath My Wings. Who knew life could be this good?! ;o) Back in Bristol, we met up with Julian and watched Star Wars Episode 3. George did well. It worked. Cheesy and it joined the dots - plus it had more Yoda fight scenes.

Group picture time...and it's hysterical because I nearly fall (nearly!) - Ruth, Elliot, Rosa, me, Carly and Piriya Posted by Hello

Rosa, Ruth and Elliot getting comfy Posted by Hello

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Monday, June 20, 2005

Elliot and Rosa Posted by Hello

who's got the biggest wheels? Posted by Hello

gettin' her groove on again Posted by Hello

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Rosa and Elliot - getting way too comfy in that sofa Posted by Hello

Getting her groove on Posted by Hello

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Dude, I'm so cool...(in that so not kind of way) Posted by Hello

It's all just SO retro!

Leg warmers - check
Headband - check
footless tights - check
tiny hot pants - check
skates - check
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Get your skates on, welcome to the Rollerdisco

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4 dance floors, leotards, everyone on skates and a disco ball (v. important). It was a very retro night out with me, Carly, Rosa, Ruth, Elliot, Piriya, Paul and Jamie trying our best at wheelies (we failed miserably!).

Still can't skate backwards but can now do the shuffle...some people might want to call it something else. Although, it's probably safest I stick to flailing my arms about and keeping my feet still.

We rollered, we discoed, made it without falling flat on our faces but I think it's time to hang up the skates - not unless I can figure out how the damn stopper works!