Friday, November 18, 2005 could you deny yourself this delicacy?? How's it made?? They wait until the chick has formed a bit...then boil....sorry animal lovers but they love it here! And, no, I haven't managed to try it yet...but have promised I will do. You can't escape them....street hawkers sell them everywhere shoutiong BALUT! Posted by Picasa

yep, I think so too! Posted by Picasa

mmm... Posted by Picasa

Peel a bit of the shell first while still hot and drink the soup... Posted by Picasa

AND....what you've all been waiting for...BALUT Posted by Picasa

halo halo!!! and Jena and DM Posted by Picasa

still at the cemetary...doing a bit of reading by the sugarcane field... Posted by Picasa

howdy! Posted by Picasa

on the roof of the mausoleum Posted by Picasa

Back at the cemetary for All Saints Day...picnic and a game of cards Posted by Picasa

Back in FB...making some buko juice is uncle Narcing Posted by Picasa

Matthew, Kuya Mackie, Earl and me Posted by Picasa

Kuya Mackie and Matthew Posted by Picasa

a day at the pool...Paulo and Carlo Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

after the celebration, we visited the cemetary to say hello to uncle Fred Posted by Picasa

more of us Posted by Picasa

gelyn just finishing off Posted by Picasa

mmmm...leche flan! (creme caramel) Posted by Picasa

more peeps... Posted by Picasa

a few of the girls Posted by Picasa

a few of the boys Posted by Picasa

Angel! My god cute?!!! Posted by Picasa

waiting for the queue to die down a bit... Posted by Picasa

the queue for lunch... Posted by Picasa