Sunday, September 24, 2006

Thankfully, the champers does get a bit of a polish before they can be drunk! Posted by Picasa

Mr Mercier...I liked his tache Posted by Picasa

Not yet ready grapes Posted by Picasa

A glass of each, would be rude not to! Posted by Picasa

I can safely say that the champers is kept in very fitting accommodation! Posted by Picasa

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 Posted by Picasa

Some art in the cellars Posted by Picasa

ooh, yes please! Posted by Picasa

me, Joyous and Bex Posted by Picasa

The crew - Jameson, Livvy, me, Joyous and Bex Posted by Picasa

Joyous going back to her roots and hanging out in the Geordie section of Madame Pommery's cellar Posted by Picasa

Bex by some magnums in waiting Posted by Picasa

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We visited around 5 (the memory's a little hazy!) champagne houses in two days, had tours around the cellars, learned how the bubbly stuff was made, tried out the vintages as well as the imperials and ate loads of yummy was all just SO french ;o) Posted by Picasa

The Munich crew head to the Champagne region for Bexley's 30th Posted by Picasa

It's been a long day - spent mostly shopping and eating but we figured we deserved a treat on the way home....du pain, du vin, le fromage, le saucisson et la chocolat! Posted by Picasa

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By the overgrown plants near the station Posted by Picasa

Les Moules Frites Posted by Picasa

Yummy muffins Posted by Picasa

Suzanne, Chloe and Carly in the main square after a stroll through the market admiring all the saucissons and candied nuts... Posted by Picasa

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Some french buildings Posted by Picasa