Wednesday, July 26, 2006

And to cap it off, a beautiful sunset on the way home ;o) Posted by Picasa

walking back to the cars - some of the Higginses, Beth (clearly, the boss lady), Uncle Stav and Daddy Dan Posted by Picasa

it was pretty awesome. Have some great videos too but haven't worked out yet how to post these up! Posted by Picasa

Finn prepares for a mega leap (those over-achieving aussies!) Posted by Picasa

Mick and Dan prepare for a leap Posted by Picasa

Jameson decides to leave jumping for a bit and decides to run around in Beth's jacket to see if she can build up some super courage...(actually, I think she just really liked the look!) Posted by Picasa

Next, the sand dunes! To jump or not to jump?? Posted by Picasa

Joyous and Stav Posted by Picasa

Dan digs a hole Posted by Picasa

While Tash looks on her husband.... Posted by Picasa

Mickalous before he was stripped of his pants! (not that he minded much, he kicked them off and ran in to the sea) Posted by Picasa

the girls huddle for warmth - Hels, Joyous, Jameson & Heidi Posted by Picasa

Al, still up to his old water tricks... Posted by Picasa

Gluttons for punishment!! Braving the North wind, the gang heads to the beach Posted by Picasa

and sausage fights! Posted by Picasa

Joyous after a bit of a splash Posted by Picasa

more water fights Posted by Picasa

(sorry about your water bill, Alan!) Posted by Picasa

Going back for more, it's Mickalous  Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

me trying to get as far away from the action as poss! Posted by Picasa

Kate James...thinking about another handy use for them... Posted by Picasa

Duncan (or Phil) with one in his hand and another on the way. He was ultra repellant for these as it didn't matter how hard you threw a balloon at him, it just wouldn't break, goddammit! Posted by Picasa