About me (and this blog)

This is my attempt to publicly document my travels through pictures and rambling (sometimes a little too much rambling!)

Though it's public, it's probably more of a self-indulgence! (Not entirely sure how much joy others might get from reading it... but I know I will when I'm back home and thinking fondly of adventures far away!). However, because it's public, I've tried to be respectful in terms of the details and photos of other people that feature here. I could have left them completely out but the people I've met long the way have been just as integral to my experiences as the places I've been to. If you're one of those people, DO let me know if you'd rather be more hidden and I'd be happy to amend the post or delete the photo etc.

If reading this leaves you wanting to know more or you'd like to share your own travel experiences, let me know! Or even if you just want to post a comment, please do :o)

ALSO - let me know if you have a travel blog (if you don't mind another reader) as love checking them out - especially if you're travelling the americas... could serve as inspiration for my travels ;o)