Sunday, July 03, 2005

Piriya's Birthday

Piriya's turned 23 ( young!) we went over to Ruth's which has a lovely view of whitechapel (you'd never guess but it definitely had a real Belleville Rendez-vous feel). We started celebrations by drinking sea breezes and stuffing our faces with pizzas we made ourselves and seeing who could pile on the most toppings. Rosa won. Later on we moved to 93 Feet East where Piriya, me, Ruth and Rosa squeezed into a toilet cubicle to sneak some vodka into our lemonades (we're a classy lot) and the only thing left to do was boogie away to the Loose Canons who were DJ-ing.

Piriya, hope your birthday was sparkly for you xx

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The enchanting wizard of rhythm

My second gig since I've been back and it was to see one of my favorite artists - Beck. He's just a genius!! An enchanting wizard of rhythm type of genius.

Candice, Iffy and me made our way to the front of the crowd (almost, there was a guy with a stripey t-shirt in front of me so there was still much craning of the neck to get a better view - in my next life, I'm gonna be taller). Franny and Carly (Fran managed to get last minute freebie tickets upstairs) represented Africa and a half in the seated area and Beck (not Becks, missy G!) did us proud. The man knows how to put a good show on. He, his band and his dancer were brilliant. One of the highlights of the show was when a table full of food and glasses filled with wine came out - Beck said his band were taking a break and he was gonna do a solo except it turned into the band drumming along on the wine glasses and making music with the food. That's what I love about him - he's just so musical!

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Mick and Tash

My favorite aussie couple are getting on their bikes and the crazy two are cycling from John O'Groats to Lands End and then through Europe to Austria, where they'll be skiing and learning some german....ahh, shall miss them but lucky for us, they'll be doing a blog so we can catch up on all their adventures. Check it out -

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A tFN day off and the domestic goddess...(enlighten me and just pretend)

I'm temping at a lovely charity called the Fostering Network at the moment (you know they've got be lovely, their logo is an smiley flower!) which means I get an extra day off after the bank holiday. when you don't have to go to work. I loved it. The next day was my youngest sister's birthday - Goldene - so I figured I'd bake her a cake. (by the way, her birthday's June the 1st )

My baking skills are seen very rarely and usually involve having someone tell me what to do. Actually, I'm great in the kitchen when someone's telling me what I have to do. On my own?? That's just not a good idea. But it was Goldene's 21st birthday (oh my god, how much do I want to call her by the nickname I give her. I'm still contemplating whether or not it's worth my life...but best not....she just about accepts that I call her it when not in public, I think the WWW will be a step too far! Anyway, I decided on baking her a purple butterfly cake - purple as that's her favorite colour and a butterfly coz I thought it would be suitably messy and fun.

First I forgot to make the cake purple, then I forgot to make enough cake so had to repeat the procedure (involving several outings to the shop as I kept forgetting ingredients, shaping the butterfly felt like I was building a house, I ran out of icing and I gave up trying to place the metallic coloured sugar balls in some kind of decorative pattern in favour of just pouring the whole lot over the cake (there is still the odd ball rolling around the dining room floor). Domestic Goddess I ain't but I don't think I did too badly...

It was even edible!

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