Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Now, that run.....I'm not quite sure whether to start at the beginning or the end...or even when I wanted to bury myself under the snow.... This is the AusPoms. Our team of runners included Kirsten (in place of Joyous who was busy attempting to ski down the Olympic run on her second EVER day of skiing), Kate, little ol' me, Tash and Mick. Now, I knew I was in trouble when we arrived and there were all these austrians looking a damn sight fitter than me and with proper running gear on (as opposed to the oversized trackies I had on my undersized legs). Still, it was ok, how hard could it be? OH MY GOD, HOW EFFING HARD!!!!! SO much pain! Points I remember most on the run...lots and lots of people speeding ahead of me, being offered a tail to hold on to by a guy in a lion's costume because I was lagging, blue smurfs and a push chair overtaking me, lots and lots of snow I desperately wanted to hide under, the smell of gluhwein and pretzels baking (oh my god, how I wanted to go under that tape), and some speedy runners on a second lap....SECOND LAP!!! How my heart sank and how much I tried to convince myself that they must have been running a special race just for the fast people....how I was wrong! But we made it. Those people on the sidelines shouting for us, the lion, the ladybird who gave me some mints and a choccie and most especially, Kirsten, who ran, walked, ran again and looked in horror as the second lap dawned on us helped me through it. If it weren't for you guys, I'd probably still be buried under some snow. Some hot fruit tea later and a couple of lindt chocolate pigs and I was fine again ;o) Glad I did it. But the story doesn't end there... Posted by Picasa

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