Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yep, thank you, that's me. They'd given away the main prizes, done one of the lucky draws and started on the prizes for winners in their age range. My german's crap so when they read my name out, we were all a bit like 'huh?'. They called it again and I made my way gingerly to the front, I thought I'd won a lucky draw prize but then the announcer told me to stand on the 1st place podium on the stage. I cried out incredulously 'Are you sure??', he said 'yes, I'm sure' looking very amused and all I could say was 'but I was REALLY slow!!'. Anyway, I took up my post, thinking 'oh my god, how embarrassing, I've won something for being one of the last people in the race!' They gave us our prizes and I looked at my friends - who, by the way, were howling with laughter and practically weeping on the floor - and one of them said that I'd won my age range, 20-25. I turned to the second place and third place winners and just said sorry and that I shouldn't have been there. I just felt so bad for them....but oh well, I'm a champion and they're not...haha.... Posted by Picasa

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