Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Un-valentine's Day

Valentines Night - releasing heart shaped balloons Posted by Picasa

A night out to celebrate Valentine's day (or un-valentines day as we renamed it). Joy, Stav, Al, Dawnie, Ped, Kate, Heidi and me enjoyed drinks and tasty thai food at our fave - the Churchill Arms (although slight hiccup in that Ped actuallly got a bit of food poisoning! It was a one-off, I'm sure, I love this place!).

Although not at all romantic, it was the loveliest way to spend Valentine's night - having a laugh with fabulous friends. After the curry, we carried on drinking in the bar but as some of us decided to start watching the footie, me and Heidi thought we'd escape to the Italian cafe/restaurant next door for a hot cuppa. On entering, we did think 'shit, it's full of couples' but we figured we'd just make do. We had a laugh with the waiter who promised us a heart-shaped balloon (they had them tied up on every chair) and gave us a chocolate truffle with our cappuccino. We were just joking about the balloons but when we were leaving he said we couldn't go without taking all of them! What to do with all these balloons?!?! Send them up...naturally ;o)

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