Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Amazing Fog of San Francisco

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco" not actually said by Mark Twain - nobody knows who coined it but San Franciscans love it... and so do I!  It's the fog. It could be beautiful, and sunny all day (like it was on my two days there) - you might  enjoy drinking an iced coffee sat outside, sunshine on your face, watching the world go by and listening to someone's explanation of why the Republicans don't want to cut the defense budget because they need all the reasons they can muster to cut all the social programmes (which I did) and then be blown away by the freezing fog in the evening of that same day on top of Twin Peaks whilst overlooking the city (which I nearly was).  It was bloody cold but it was a spectacular sight to see the fog creep in and move on - the twinkling lights of the city down below growing brighter or dimmer whilst it did so.  It was beautiful.  

Thanks very much to my friend, Birgit, in Vancouver who put me in touch with her friend, Morgan, and I had a place to stay in the city.  I drank home-made wine (really good home-made wine!), enjoyed the panoramic views from the balcony, found some tasty burritos in Mission went for a lovely stroll along a fog-filled beach and also got to catch up with relatives who lived in Fremont.  On the drive from Fremont back to the city, we went over San Mateo bridge where I got to appreciate the immensity of the clouds - they were so thick and heavy, I swear they were inches away from the water.  Grey is a beautiful colour.

Rainbow spotting on the Ferry from Oakland to San Fran
Ferry - Oakland-San Francisco (4)

San Francisco - Noe Valley (2)

View from my host's balcony
San Francisco - Noe Valley (5)

A brave couple picnic on the beach (it was bloody cold!)
San Francisco - North Beach (2)

San Francisco - North Beach (5)

Fog and city lights watch at Twin Peaks
San Francisco - Twin Peaks (2)

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