Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Actually getting out of the Apple…and back again

In three days and journeying for about 19 hours on various buses, I got out of the Apple. I went to Washington for the day, said hello to an imaginary Obama in the windows of the White House, dipped my feet in the fountain at the WWII Memorial, was too late for the majority of the cherry blossoms, reflected by the reflecting pool and highlight was sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial listening to Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech which one of the park rangers plays twice a day out of a ghetto blaster. Awesome.

Also spent a day in the quiet and absolutely away from any city in a town called Provincetown in Cape Cod. Hired a bike and cycled along the trails admiring the views and sat on deserted beaches looking at the sea. It was lovely.

On the third day, went to Boston amidst lots of rain which doesn’t help endear a place to anyone but did meet another couch surfer, Pete, who is also from London and has spent the last year living in Montreal and Halifax and LOVES it. So much so, the reason he was in Boston was to wait for his visa to be renewed. Anyway, because I’d been struggling so much with the thought of leaving New York, it was great to hang out with someone who only had brilliant things to say about Canada…particularly the East. So now I’m even more without a clue as to what my plans are when I get there! Also do now have a couple of people (proper Quebecers) who are letting me stay on their couches whilst I’m in Montreal. Brilliant. Didn’t quite get to do all I planned in Boston but we wandered around downtown (the sun was shining, yay!) and chatted to a few hockey fans and Pete’s suggested I become a fan and pick a team (reckons picking a colour and animal I like could do it!). Might just do that…

Back in the Apple for my last day, I spent it getting my hair chopped – something like 15 inches in total! I guess if it wasn’t for the fact I was donating my hair to Locks of Love, I’d have just had a trim or something really not worth mentioning. Still, how could I not knowing it’s for such a great cause ;o) I’m still trying to get used to it…not sure yet what to do with it and so far preferring it up (with the tiniest pony tail I’ve ever had but it will be great for me saving money on shampoo and conditioner!).

After the chop, I wandered around the East Village again sitting in community gardens and then walked along the Manhattan bridge to Brooklyn. On the bridge, spotted a lovely park on the river in between Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. So headed over, sat on the rocks, listened to the waves and watched the sunset with what I think might just be the best view in NYC.

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