Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Meeting couch surfers and making friends

So, since I signed up to the couch surfing thing, thought I’d give it a go for Boston…tho’ failed miserably. Still, managed to meet up with a fellow couch surfer, Leila (from Bristol) and her temporary flatmate Camilla who’s from Columbia and in NY working as a Psychologist for a year. We went for drinks at Brooklyn Bowl which was cool and then had food and more beer in the Surf Bar whose floor is like a sandy beach and has surf boards hanging up on the walls. They also had lots of fairy lights in the garden which I loved. Leila gave me the greatest tip and have spent a couple of days meandering around the many community gardens in Alphabet City in the East Village. They’re like oasis’ right where you wouldn’t expect them. Really very beautiful, peaceful and even more charming because they’re completely run and worked on by locals. Also met up with another couple of couch surfers – Tara and Chris who are from London but working in NY for a year (so jealous!). We all went to Moby’s book launch in DUMBO for the free booze (off the back of a tip from and then for the skinniest fries in the World at Superfine. 

It's great only having you to think about so doing whatever it is you want but it is really the loveliest thing to meet fab people and hanging out with them ;o)

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