Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Blogging... like actually blogging

I am currently being hosted by the fabulous Zina on a small beautiful island called Isla Mujeres in Mexico.  A blogger herself, she's given me some advice on improving my blogging - like, you know, regularly posting something even if it's a line or 2.  As I have a fair bit to still catch up on in terms of blogging about places I've already been to (last blog puts me in Detroit - that was actually 2 months ago...oops), posts will (hopefully) start featuring ramblings on current travels. Woohoo!

So.... here goes!

aggghhh, getting ready to leave Isla Mujeres where I've been spoilt rotten for the last 5 days with Zina and move on to Belize. As exciting as seeing new places is, this is also mixed with a touch of anxiety about that new place as well as quite a bit more sadness about leaving the place I'm in... It's the traveller's life!

On another note, I think I've actually made a decision about which language school to go to in Guatemala (you'll note, however, that even when I make a decision there is still a touch of unsuredness - is that even a word?!)

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