Monday, July 11, 2011

Remembering Bruno

Bruno died today. He lost his battle with cancer but I'm pretty sure he gave it hell and fought hard right up until he decided he'd had enough and was off. I'm sorry to have been so far away and not to have seen him for such a long time. Or even to have seen him give the staff at the hospital a hard time for not letting him smoke. Don't get me wrong. Bruno was a grumpy old git - actually, he would always sign off as The Old Git... but there was always a crafty smile behind it. I loved that smile.  There was and is no-one quite like him. I'm glad I knew him and I'm glad he was my friend.

A big fan of a good knees up - cheers, you Old Git! 

You had to bugger off before I could see you again but I am holding to your words (I always loved your words!):

Please do me a favour, if worse come the worse you and your friends have a good party on my behalf no tears no sadness.

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