Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Beaches

Toronto - The Beaches (16), originally uploaded by LunaModule.

Just as the name suggests and despite Toronto not actually being by the sea, you really feel like you are!  Long stretches of sandy beach, water that seems to go on forever (well, to New York State anyway), a board walk and ice cream ;o)  And it's not just by the Beaches that makes you feel that way too.  You can wander over to the harbour front by Queens Quay or to Sunnyside Park and have that very same feeling of being by the sea.
The Beaches are in the East of Toronto and despite 30+ temperatures, the water is still bloody cold!  (Apparently, it gets a little warmer by the fall...).  Dipped my feet in but that's about it... Am hoping that I'll have mustered up enough courage to swim in great Lake Ontario before I leave.  We'll see!

More photos from a stroll around the Beaches below including more of the lake that very much looks like the sea, some remarkable rocks and giant dandelions.

And just on dandelions... Torontonians do a pretty good job of being eco friendly - as well as recycling being city wide (including composting), city parks and green spaces aren't allowed to use pesticides.  Springtime has never been so dandelion full - it looks beautiful and... as it should!

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