Monday, July 05, 2010

Food, cameras, action!

Kensington Market - El Barrio, originally uploaded by LunaModule.
Very funny – after watching one of those dreadful England matches, me and housemate, Brock, decided to pig out on chips, chocolate and watch a movie so we popped out to get supplies and ended up spotting a new restaurant opening...along with a film crew and a celebrity chef so we decided to go and check it out. We had to sign off a sheet to say we were willing to be filmed. Oh my god, every bloody time that camera came near me I'd happen to look right at the camera stuffing a forkful of food into my mouth. I'm sure there's a shot of me just chomping on food with a bit of rocket sticking out. I hope they edit it kindly... here's a trailer for the show to get recruits (the restaurant he's by is the one we were in and the road I live on).

ooh, we also saw Rachel McAdams on the street getting on her bike. The crew went to talk to her I think to try and get her to come in for the show but she wasn't keen.

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