Sunday, July 11, 2010

Augusta Avenue, Toronto

Oh, how I loved my crazy house and Kensington Market which it’s in. I don’t think there is anywhere else in the city you could step outside your door and feel an immediate buzz. It's a real surreal sort of place where you almost feel like you could be on some street off a beach in Thailand where they sell lots of Tibetan, Indian and Jamaican clothing and jewellery... as well as feeling like you could be in Brick Lane or Camden as it's also full of vintage stores, foodie markets and bars/restaurants with plenty of space for alfresco dining/drinking moments. Life is so good in the Summer. There is a square over the road where there is always music being played... especially when the sun is shining. Several times there have been drumming circles. The other day, a sort of jazz band were playing and on my last night, housemate Brock was playing sitar whilst his fellow band member, Nick, played the Tabla to a very appreciative audience there. It's a rare occasion where I'd walk down the street and not see a band playing in a bar/cafe. In fact, I haven't yet!
Living here makes it hard to venture too far away from it. There are restaurants and bars as well as great market stalls. I will miss popping into the Market Bakery to breathe in freshly baked bread and pick a new loaf to try out. I’ll also really miss the Global Cheese shop – every time I go in, one of the staff asks what I’m after and you can say something vague and they’ll just say ‘try this’ and I love it!  Will also miss wandering around the vintage stores even if I wasn't buying anything - I still loved looking at the clothes/shors/random bits and pieces.

I have also lived with some people who I can quite happily say are some of my favourite people. It’s a big ol’ house where I’ve been a couch surfer/room surfer, actual tenant and back to couch surfer whilst I prepared to catch the train heading west to Winnipeg. I’ve loved getting to know the range of people I’ve lived with here. I’ve got to listen to some great music (on top of rooftops and out and about – such talented folk here!), eaten some fabulous food (that I didn’t have to cook), BBQ’d, drunk tasty and sometimes-made-up-whilst-drunk cocktails, gone for a spot of late night swimming, got on telly (watch this space!) and just been super chilled chatting about general randomness in the kitchen. Thank you Brock, Heleni, Emma, James, Chris, Kim, Lesley, Amy and especially Severine who very kindly accepted my couch surf request in the first place!

Welcome to Augusta Avenue 

Toronto - Augusta Avenue (10)


Severine - thank you!!!
Toronto - Severine's house party (21)

First house party (and Severine's last)

Toronto - Severine's house party (30)

Brock (the cook, the musician, the host with the most!)
Toronto - dinner! (18)

Heleni - dancing to greek music on the rooftop
Toronto - Music on the rooftop (10)

James, aka Tradition - here he is playing at Double Double Land
Toronto - Double Double Land

Emma, makes the best cocktails whilst drunk - as well as the funniest poses (tho' Brock in the back doesn't do too badly at it either...).  Honestly, I think these two might just be what make me love Canadians.

Toronto - Augusta Avenue

And, here just before my cab to the station... All change at Augusta Ave - the awesome scots arrive! Kim, Brock, Amy, Lesley, me and Emma
ooh, now I can't forget our (far too friendly cute and a little scary) neighbours...

Raccoons at Augusta Avenue (4)

Thank you Augusta Avenue. 

Home for a bit
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