Saturday, August 07, 2010

Exploring Vancouver

My pre-trip planning (or thinking would be a more suiable term - any plans I made were ridiculously vague) comprised of - long weekend in NYC, catch the train to Montreal, head to Toronto and explore for a bit and head to Vancouver around mid-May to settle (meaning find a home and find some work). 

I like to think of myself as not being all that bad at being punctual - and, actually, I did still make it to Vancouver... just in mid-July instead!  What can I say, it was a lot of fun getting there ;o)  I think partly because I'd basically had holiday after holiday, partly because I'd grown so fond of Toronto and partly because I knew the plan was to stay in Vancouver ('til my year was up), I was quite anxious about how I'd like it.  Well... it's safe to say I love it.

Okay, so the city itself doesn't compare to those I count as favourites - London, NYC, Paris, Berlin, even Toronto and Montreal (they have more grit, colour and glamour) - but man, they have nothing on Vancouver in terms of sights beyond the architecture of the city.  Yep, I'm talking about the mountains and even better, it's by the sea - and I do LOVE the sea :o)  It's really very cool walking through the city and very frequently getting a glimpse of a mountain - or the sea or even both! 

I wanted my 3 week introduction to Vancouver (before properly settling there for 7 months from September) to explore and work out which area I might like to live as well as what life might be like as a Vancouverite... I reckon I did pretty well! 

First night - picnic and free movie in Stanley Park
Vancouver - The Goonies, Stanley Park
I started Vancouver staying in the Cambie hostel in Gastown which turned out to be a really pleasant surprise as hostels go and befriended lovely Christine who invited me out to the movie with her friends.  After the sunset and the movie had started, I kept getting distracted by the ridiculously starry night.  It was so beautiful.  I even saw a falling star :o)

Vancouver - Cambie Hostel
Cheap beer in the common room at Cambie Hostel

Vancouver (5)
Steam clock in Gastown and a peak at some mountains

Vancouver (4)
Looking out at the Vancouver Lookout tower

Vancouver (2)
Lots of alleyways like this... I really rather like them!

Vancouver Harbour area
Vancouver (7)

Vancouver (8)

Vancouver (9)

Vancouver (11)

Vancouver (6)

Vancouver (13)

Vancouver (12)

Vancouver (21)


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