Saturday, August 07, 2010

Good food, a movie, gelato and sunset from a rooftop

After enjoying the downtown area, I got to stay further East with my couch host, Su (who is thoroughly awesome) in Commercial Drive.  I'm an East End girl at heart and a few friends who already knew the area had told me it was a cool area to live - down to earth, a bit hip and lots of cool bars and restaurants to enjoy.  All true!  I felt really at home there... plus it's generally cheaper to live as it's not downtown and doesn't have a beach (which, by the way is the downside - still, getting to a beach from there isn't that big a trek!)

Su took me to her friend Alec's for dinner - cooked by his couchsurfer (note to self, must get good at cooking!).  It was great fun - Su and her friends are really easy to talk to and laugh with.  After dinner, we went onto the rooftop to check out the sunset, then had gelato which we took to the park, had a swing and then watched The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (on original film) at midnight at The Rio. 

Vancouver - Food and music
Natalia, Chris, Su and Alec

Vancouver - sunset on the rooftop

Vancouver - sunset on the rooftop (3)

Vancouver - swinging at Grandview park
On the swings at Grandview Park

Vancouver - The Good The Bad & The Ugly at the Rio
Before the movie started a guy dressed as Clint Eastwood in the movie did a little dance, had a shoot out with a girl on stage, gave out raffle prizes before announcing the winner of the fancy dress competition (The Rio shows a midnight movie every Friday and those turning up in fancy dress get in for half price!)

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