Thursday, August 26, 2010

I heart London, I do, I do, I do

I love travelling - I love exploring new places, getting to know new people and well, just the adventure of it all.  I am, however, also really madly in love with my hometown and all the people and places in it (well - most of them!).  Having travelled most of the length of Canada (did I mention how bloody vast this country was?!) to hit Vancouver (which would be my new hometown for a bit), I was heading back to the Smoke.  My big sister was getting married in August - which other than me not missing this for the world, was an amazing reason to go back home and fall in love all over again with London.

Being a Tourist with the Maniagos
One of the many fabulous things about Crisy and Dan's wedding included getting to hang out with family from LA - as well as being a tourist with them!

Southbank Exhibition (4)

St Paul's Cathedral (2)

London Eye (19)

London Eye (7)

London Eye (23)
My cousin, Elvie, taking a photo of Uncle Raf and Auntie Let on the Eye

By the Thames (3)

London (4)
First time I've actually managed to make the Portrait awards at the National Portrait Gallery - amazing exhibition!  How is it possible for people to be this good?  Such over achievers!

London (9)

London (89)
Ah... London rain!

Out Eastside with friends

Eastside (8)
Yay, al fresco drinking (a big no no in Canada)

Eastside (6)
Sunday on Brick Lane

Eastside (7)
Sunny and Carly

And because I do LOVE East London best of all...

Walking through London Fields, swimming in the lido, ALL the markets, the bars and foodie places.  Despite having lived there most of my life, as well as your favourites, there's always something new to check out and either old or new, I'm inspired.

Dalston Mural
Dalston Mural

Mile End Park (4)
Candy Pops checks out the orange fish at Vicky Park

Although gutted to be missing out on the Notting Hill Carnival (okay, so West London can be cool too), Hackney put on a pretty good show itself :o)
Hackney Carnival 2010
Hackney Carnival

Hackney Carnival 2010 (5)

Hackney Carnival 2010 (7)

Hackney Carnival 2010 (9)

Hackney Carnival 2010 (15)

Hackney Carnival 2010 (16)

Hackney Carnival 2010 (18)

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