Sunday, August 08, 2010

Lessons from Karate Kid

After a hard day berry picking and soaking up the sunshine, we decided to enjoy our hard work with chocolate fondue at Stanley Park and watching Karate Kid (no, not the new one). It was another starry night and even got to see a couple of bats flying!

Vancouver - Stanley Park movie (2)
Elahi, Karim and Zahir

Vancouver - Stanley Park movie
mmm... fondue (turns out it's quite tricky eating fondue in the dark without making a mess!)

Vancouver - Stanley Park movie (3)
James, Lydia and Emma

Vancouver - Stanley Park movie (5)
Emma showing us how it's done.

Vancouver - Stanley Park movie (4)
Olivier and James.  Olivier cycled from Toronto to Vancouver! You can read about his amazing trip here -

And - an important lesson on balance from Mr Miyagi...

Miyagi: [Daniel has just gotten his driver's license and Miyagi has given him a car for his birthday] Just remember, license never replace eye, ear, and brain.

[notices Daniel has suddenly gotten quiet]

Miyagi: What matter?

Daniel: I'm just scared. The tournament and everything.

Miyagi: You remember lesson about balance?

Daniel: Yeah.

Miyagi: Lesson not just karate only. Lesson for whole life. Whole life have a balance. Everything be better. Understand?

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