Sunday, August 08, 2010

Ladies wot do lunch, berry picking and lounging by the lake

After a hostel in Gastown, couchsurfing in Commercial Drive, couchsurfing in Kitsilano... it was really very lovely to have a friend to stay with in English Bay - thanks Emma & Karim!!  They let me crash at their fab place on the 22nd floor not quite overlooking the bay but still pretty spectacular views.

Vancouver - English Bay

Vancouver - Seagull on the 22nd floor (3)
One of a few of Karim's feathered friends - they would come and visit hoping to get fed (Karim liked to feed them social tea biscuits as well as cans of tuna... they weren't so lucky with me or Emma)

BC - White Pine Beach Park (10)
What to do with your day when you don't have to work?  Go to the lake! I went with Lydia, Emma and Anna to White Pine Beach Lake.  On the drive up, I saw another black bear!!  Actually, at first I thought 'ooh, that's a random place to put a life like bear statue' as it was by a bus stop...and then it moved!  After the excitement of bear stories and our arrival at the lake, we had the loveliest picnic, sunbathed for a bit, then floated and swam in the lake before a walk through the woods :o)

BC - White Pine Beach Park (11)

BC - White Pine Beach Park (12)

BC - White Pine Beach Park (14)

BC - White Pine Beach Park

BC - White Pine Beach Park (8)

BC - White Pine Beach Park (6)

BC - White Pine Beach Park (3)

Berry picking in Westham Island, Ladner
Another day of not working, the girls went to Ladner for a bit of berry picking in the sunshine.  On entry to Westham Island, we saw this sign...  I reckon I'd rather be confronted by a bear!
photo from

Ladner - Fruit picking
Emma Lea Farms - for strawberries, raspberries and blueberries

Ladner - Fruit picking (3)
Lydia, Emma and Anna packing up the fruit of our labour

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